Sunday, 16 August 2015

Slow masturbation

Path to bliss: slow masturbation 

Girls can give your partner an incredible pleasure. You can bring your lover to orgasm mad. This will help us to slow masturbation. This technique is very simple and is capable of miracles. 

You will succeed. For this you need a good girl tied legs and arms of her husband to the bed. The main thing that your partner is not able to escape from your delicate handles. So that bind tightly. 

To quickly initiate her lover, there is a trick. Take him back to his chest, take a hard cock in her hand and pull the skin of the head. The man quickly feel the excitement. Can a little rubbing her vagina on his penis. 

Do this several times. Now we deploy the process in your lips. Gently kiss his penis. Do not use your tongue. Here we need only a light touch lips. Masturbating him and at the same time, place fingers into his mouth to his partner. Let feels helpless boy. Continuing in the same vein. 

Now your hand movements have to be sharper and faster. If you feel a sudden rush to the penis, and that ejaculation is close, then you should stop. Now we start all over again. A man will beg to see it through, and you continue to masturbate. 
Change the tempo manipulation and bring it to the peak of bliss, then stops again. End all be fellatio. Take into his warm mouth his penis and continue to caress. FIND MY PHOTOS HERE....